Honda Civic FK2 Type R Review - Clutched Season Se4 Ep12 (Finalé) 20 January 2017

We have Officially hit 10000 Subscribers and what better way to end off the season than with the review of this beast, the 4th Generation Honda Civic Type R, ...

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Honda Civic FK2 Type R Review - Clutched Season Se4 Ep12 (Finalé)

33,018 views 14:25

We have Officially hit 10000 Subscribers and what better way to end off the season than with the review of this beast, the 4th Generation Honda Civic Type R, ...

BMW 440i GC Review - Clutched Se4 Ep11

22,213 views 05:54

We expected a boring review, but it turned out to be the most fun we've had... One of the best BMWs available, the 440i Gran Coupé!!

Toyota Hilux Review - Clutched Se4 Ep10

8,408 views 10:54

Definitely a long overdue break from urban driving. This is not the last of off road vehicles for sure! Catch our live video where we got 'stuck' *rolls eyes at Jackie*: https://www.facebook.com/clutchedwithjackie/videos/1305709732774019/

UBER PRANK Singapore Edition - Clutched

786,819 views 12:30

Finally Singapore has it's own version of the 'Uber Prank' and we at Clutched were given the honor of pranking you! Find out more and get special discounts for ...

WASHING YOUR CAR? - Product Review Part 2 HYDROJET

16,428 views 10:33

In this Product Review installment, Jackie gets his hands on the very popular HYDROJET! Want a free Hydrojet? Click the link below, leave a comment on why ...

2016 Audi A4 Review - Clutched Se4 Ep9

11,620 views 08:59

So we tried something different for this review of the 2016 Audi A4 with our very own Clutched Cartel! Wadyya Think? ----- Keep up with CLUTCHED ...

Toyota Dyna Review - Clutched Se4 Ep8

28,082 views 18:01

Doing a review of this 10ft lorry was the last thing on my mind but hey, since you guys asked, ENJOY! Special thanks to Benz Agency & Benz Gardening and ...

Honda Vezel Review - Clutched Se4 Ep7

204,695 views 10:39

What's the big deal? Why are Singaporeans going crazy over this?!?! Well I've got it all figured out ? Also, I would like to dedicate this episode to those who scream "VEZEL" when you see me! If you're thinking of getting a Vezel, get your special discounts from our friends @ Dosh Motoring. https://www.facebook.com/doshmotoring

What would you do with a Bentley for a day? - Clutched

12,229 views 14:22

You know that feeling you get when you complete a task on your bucket list? Now take that feeling and multiply it 10 folds. No it fact multiply it 650 folds cuz the Bentley Flying Spur I got my hands on has 650 Nm of torque from its gigantic W12 engine.

Audi A6 Review - Clutched Se4 Ep6

21,414 views 08:57

The Audi A6, It's all about Style and Class... Or is it?

SMSA Car Park Rally @ Changi 2016, Clutched

10,014 views 14:19

If you ever think the car scene in Singapore is dead, you'd eat your words if you saw what I did. After so many years, the Car Park Rally is finally back!

Mitsubishi Evo IX Review - Clutched Se4 Ep5

34,837 views 10:19

After about 263,887 requests to review for this beast, I finally get my hands on the Mitsubishi Evolution IX! The Evo 6s, 7s, 8s & 9s were cars I grew up admiring and now the fact that I could take this baby home for a week is something I cannot explain. Personally, the most fun I’ve ever had reviewing a car.

Toyota Alphard Vellfire Review - Clutched Se4Ep4

220,522 views 09:31

Are you sure you can handle the sheer size of this behemoth?

Extremely Clean Rims? How? - Clutched Product Review

82,048 views 05:28

Behold the first ever product review from Clutched, the Sonax Wheel Cleaner! Want a free bottle? Click the link below ? to get to the Sonax Forum page and tell us one good reason why we should give you one! http://www.clutched.com.sg/forum/thread/talk/sonax-wheel-cleaner

BMW 116d Review Singapore - Clutched Se4Ep3

52,009 views 08:21

The first ever diesel car we get our hands on and boy did we have fun! DIESEL POWER!

Clutched Decal Contest: And the winner is...

3,066 views 02:45

Clutched Decal Contest: We get up close with the WINNER OF THE CLUTCHED DECAL CONTEST, Mr. Hasry WirAmici and Jackie tries to strike a deal with him.

Toyota 86 Subaru BRZ Review Singapore - Clutched Se4Ep2

52,330 views 10:01

Toyota (GT 86) / Subaru BRZ Singapore Review - This episode marks the beginning of a brand new season of reviews here at Clutched and what better way to kick start than with the iconic Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ. I was lucky enough to take this car home for about 4 days and I’ve lost count of the..

Singapore Motorshow 2016 - Clutched Interviews

2,889 views 09:43

Clutched interviews a Professional Stunt Driver, a Managing Director and a President! Also, Jackie gets his ass kicked!

Singapore Motorshow 2016 - Video Highlights

13,444 views 14:02

And here it is, our coverage of the Singapore Motorshow 2016.

Guess which cars? - Singapore Motorshow 2016

18,521 views 02:15

If you're good at identifying cars then this is all you need to know what cars to expect at the upcoming 2016 Singapore Motorshow! Catch the 2015 coverage here

2015 Toyota Camry - Review

28,518 views 09:31

It's success is no coincidence! .

DriveRite Tarmac Rally-X 2015

10,108 views 10:39

In this episode, Jackie visits DriveRite during a recent installment of their Tarmac Rally-X Series to find out how they make Motorsports suitable for every driver ...

Honda Civics of the 1990s - Tribute

16,205 views 05:22

We had the chance to be part of this epic photoshoot... Are u a JDM fan?

Honda Civic Type R Review - Clutched

206,141 views 09:01

If you do not trust the Honda Civic Type R, you will never fully understand its potential!

Would you accept a free Taxi Ride?

21,414 views 13:03

Jackie attempts to offer free Taxi Rides. After many rejections, he was ready to call it quits without a show. But then...

Mitsubishi Evo X Review - Clutched

200,615 views 11:10

Jackie conquered the beast and lets you in on the insides of owning one.. Check out the awesome and trendy T-shirt designs from our friends over at Baddie AppareLs: https://www.facebook.com/BaddieApparels?fref=ts

Car Clubs - Pink Asterisk

8,788 views 05:46

So what's the deal with car clubs in Singapore?

Audi A4 Review - Clutched

20,713 views 08:29

So we all know about the status this car has. But is it really worth your money?

How does a car Air-Con system work? - Variety

4,528 views 07:16

In this episode we take a closer look at a system that can be found in any car which is also widely misunderstood by many.

Aruns wide-bodied Silvia, the Dark Knight in matte armour. - Feature Presentation

11,340 views 09:50

Aruns Nissan Silvia is both Beauty and Beast and there's no way you're not gonna give this a second look.

Volkswagen Scirocco 1.4 Review - Clutched

29,570 views 13:07

Clutched takes a closer look at this very sexy hatch from VW the Scirocco 1.4.

Singapore Motorshow 2015 - Getting jiggy with the Babes and Cars

18,010 views 09:57

Jackie gets up close with the cars and babes of the Singapore Motorshow 2015. If you missed the event, catch the highlights from CLUTCHED. Unfortunately we couldn't cover every car or babe. Do share the video and stay tuned for more coming soon :)

My name is Norman. I drive a Honda S2000. - Feature Presentation

37,182 views 08:54

On this first ever feature presentation from Clutched, we step inside the mind of Norman as he shares his experience of growing with his S2000.

Mazda RX8 Review - Clutched

31,200 views 12:52

For the first review of the Season we tackle the very sporty Mazda RX-8.

The best solution to Road Rage..!!

15,094 views 05:21

Happy holidays and welcome to a brand new Clutched..!! With the recent spike in road rage cases here in Singapore, the Clutched Team came up with several 'ingenious' solutions if you ever find yourself in a sticky position.

Blacklist Mega Meet After-Movie - Clutched Season 2 Special

9,293 views 18:36

CLUTCHED was cordially invited for Media Coverage of the BLACKLIST Mega Meet Up held on 13 September 2014 @ the Kallang Leisure Park Car Park.

Clutched: Singapore DJs Break the GUINNESS WORLD RECORD

1,992 views 13:58

The Clutched Team had the honour of covering this Record Smashing event. Enjoy this after movie and show you support by sharing this video. :)

Clutched: Jackie does the Ice Bucket Challenge

1,724 views 02:22

Jackie tried to do a Van Damme split but couldn't only because of his Phua Chu Kang Boots.... Check out CLUTCHED's version of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Clutched: Se2 Ep7 - Hyundai Elantra Review

29,506 views 11:36

Would you buy a Hyundai Elantra..?? It's the last episode before the Season Special and the Clutched Team has decided to give its verdict on this very familiar ride.

Clutched: Se2 Ep6 - Toyota Corolla Review

12,304 views 09:01

Here's the review of one of the most successful selling cars in the world. Do you think it's a buy? Watch to find out.. What are your thoughts of the review?

Clutched: Se2 Ep5 - Honda Accord CL7A Review

21,784 views 08:43

Due to high demand, the Clutched Team has put together the review of the Honda Accord CL7A (JDM). What are your thoughts of the review?

Clutched: Se2 Ep4 - Kia Cerato Forte Review

18,594 views 09:09

It's the review of the 'Game Changing' car from Kia, the very popular Cerato Forte..!! What are your thoughts of the review?

Clutched: Se2 Ep3 - Honda Airwave Review

30,686 views 05:25

In this episode we take a closer look at the Honda Airwave, which has been widely mistaken to be an MPV... What are your thoughts of the review?

Clutched: Se2 Ep2 - Mitsubishi Lancer EX Review

43,941 views 09:37

Many of our fans have requested us to review the Mitsubishi Lancer EX, so here it is..!! What are your thoughts of the review?

Clutched: Se2 Ep1 - Subaru Impreza WRX Review

58,098 views 08:16

Back and better than ever before... In episode 1 of this brand new season, we review the Subaru Impreza WRX..!! What are your thoughts of the review?

What is CLUTCHED about?

5,215 views 02:48

A short clip the Clutched Team put together explaining what Clutched is all about and what you can expect. Don't forget to send us your "Request to Review" choices via a Facebook message or an email @: admin@clutched.com.sg

You will never believe... - Clutched Season 2 (making)

1,174 views 01:47

Here is a behind the scenes look at at what you can expect for Season 2 of Clutched. This is what the producers of Clutched have to go through dealing with our presenter Jackie!

9 ways you may get robbed in Malaysia - Clutched Season 1 Special

31,857 views 09:39

Singaporeans travel frequently to Malaysia for various reasons. Though generally safe, there are many reported and unreported cases of robberies and crimes where Singaporeans find themselves as the unsuspecting targets. Clutched wants this finale capsule to be educational and to inform Singaporeans on how to look out for tell-tale signs to stay safe.

Clutched: Se1 Ep7 - Suzuki Swift 1.5 Review

14,839 views 05:37

One of our cute cars but do not underestimate it. A car that sells very well in many countries. Presenting to you.... THE SUZUKI SWIFT!

Clutched: Se1 Ep6 - Subaru Impreza Review

9,276 views 05:54

A car that has one of the most loyal following around. And unique in its own way because of it's '4 Wheel Drive' The Subaru Impreza! Are you a Subaru lover?

Clutched: Se1 Ep5 - Mazda 3 Review

6,930 views 04:51

Due to popular demands and requests, we decided to review the Mazda 3. Love it or hate it, you just can't ignore it. So how does a Mazda 3 fare on our SG streets and pockets? Is it a BUY, DON'T BUY or DON'T KNOW?

Clutched: Se1 Ep4 - Toyota Wish Review

39,816 views 06:00

One of Singapore's favourite MPV - the Toyota Wish. But should you buy it, don't buy it or shrug and say 'I don't know'? Check out this week's Clutched that analyses the Toyota Wish for it's good and bad points.

Clutched: Se1 Ep3 - Honda civic 1.8 FD Review

20,235 views 06:02

Who wouldn't have heard about a Honda. THE HONDA CIVIC. But do you know everything there is to know about it? Should you "Buy, Don't Buy or say I don't know?

Clutched: Se1 Ep2 - Mitsubishi Lancer GLX CS3 Review

26,820 views 04:38

One of the most popular cars on the streets of SG - Mitsubishi Lancer. But do you know everything there is to know about it? Should you "Buy, Don't Buy or say I Don't Know?

Clutched: Se1 Ep1 - BMW 320i Cabriolet Review

6,495 views 05:49

The first capsule of the Clutched! Series takes a look at the BMW 320i Cabriolet. This sleek machine is reviewed and you will get your answer whether to "Buy, Don't Buy or simply I Don't Know"


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