Beyond Expectations – The KIA Experience 2016

Around 400 participants rediscovered KIA during the KIA Experience that spanned two weekends (7 & 8 May and 4 & 5 June 2016) at the Cycle & Carriage KIA Showroom and former Queenstown Club. KIA’s newly launched “Go Beyond Expectations” campaign challenged participants’ perception of KIA cars when they got to test out the new generation of Carens, Forte K3, Optima and Sorento in a Surprise Drive Segment. DriveRite Driving Facilitator Darion Lim shares with CLUTCHED some defensive driving tips that were inspired by the Surprise Drive Segment.  


Design & Quality Preview of the 2017 Forte K3

Besides learning about the new features of the 2017 Forte K3, participants also learned some noteworthy facts and figures about KIA. For example, KIA beat all the Japanese car brands in the 2015 J.D. Power Quality Ratings (a highly-respected study and report in the automotive industry) etc.


Surprise Drive ABS Braking

Participants got to feel the difference between non-ABS and ABS braking, especially in braking effectiveness and vehicle stability. During the non-ABS braking demonstration on split surfaces with differing traction levels, the car spun out of control and did some 360 degree spins. But in the ABS braking demonstration under similar conditions, the car stopped effortlessly in a perfectly straight line.

Tip #1: Many participants thought that this demonstration was merely a fun stunt. This is not at all surprising since this same activity is performed in some stunt driving experiences and events. But this demonstration was for more than just entertainment. For an ABS-equipped car, we should stomp on the brake pedal as fast and as hard as we can during an emergency braking situation. To harness the full capability of the ABS, there should be no hesitation and no let up!

Tip #2: Besides non-ABS braking cases, uncontrolled 360 spins can also occur when cars Aquaplane at high speeds. Aquaplaning occurs when the tyres – unable to clear water quickly enough – cannot maintain contact with the road. Vehicle Stability and Traction Control Systems cannot prevent Aquaplaning. We should maintain sufficient tread depth and proper inflation pressure for our tyres – most importantly, avoid speeding while driving in wet weather conditions!


Surprise Drive Slalom Circuit

Participants experienced the stability and traction of the KIA cars during rapid directional changes on a mini track. At first, participants rode along with an instructor who demonstrated how to tackle the circuit. Then, it was the participants’ turn! Judging from their expressions, they were both surprised and impressed with the cars’ handling. 

Tip #3: Although Vehicle Stability and Traction Control Systems are expected to keep us out of trouble in most situations, we should avoid having the mind-set that they make us invincible on the road. We should not rely too much on these systems to save the day – drive defensively at all times and avoid getting into a situation in the first place!


Reliability “LIVE” Diesel Power Demonstration


Participants learned more about the advantages of Diesel cars, such as better mileage and lower fuel costs. In addition, the participants’ notions that Diesel cars were noisy, smelly, smoky and underpowered were quickly dispelled after the educational “LIVE” Diesel power demonstration.


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