Top 10 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow If You Love Cars!

With Singapore’s online community flooded with an influx of bloggers and online personalities, the internet and social media’s never been so widely used. In a world where POTDs, OOTDs, selfies and hashtags are the norm, how could we not know about the better people to associate ourselves with? Make way, for the cars of Instagram, we’re ready for our car-gasms now.


  1. Crankandpiston

Clutched Singapore- Cars of instagram 

The official Instagram account of Dubai-based car blog Crank and Piston, you'll find professional shots of all kinds of cars here. Supercars, classic vintage automobiles, track cars, you name it. 

  1. Cccmanhattan

 Clutched Singapore- cars of Instagram

Short for the Classic Car Club Manhattan, the company has a diverse collection of cars. We’re loving their NYC style and use of cool, white tones in their shots!


  1. Black_list

 Clutched SIngapore- Cars of Instagram

Professional looking shots of hypercars and classics, by a group of car enthusiasts based in the heart of petrol head Nirvana, California’s Bay Area. Their feed looks like a car magazine in itself.


  1. Derekdauncey

Clutched Singapore- Cars of Instagram 

Winner of 16 Rally championship titles, Derek’s got incredible insight photos of Group B cars and the Ralliart Mitsubishis.


  1. Gfwilliams

Clutched Singapore- Cars of Instagram

London-born automotive photographer, George Williams’ feed is clean and bright. With a many feature shots of hypercars such as the 356 Speedster and Vauxhall VX220, the instagrammer’s feed has a uniformly clean and cool tone.



  1. Supersangron

Clutched singapore- Cars Of Instagram

Taken exclusively using the iPhone 4S, 5S and 6S, Scott Brown captures simplistic locational and automobile shots, making use of unique angles and symmetry. His Instagram feed captures the unadulterated American spirit well.



  1. Camdenthrasher

Clutched Singapore- Cars of Instagram

One of the most underrated photographers on our list, Camden Thrasher’s Instagram feed is a feast for the eyes. Utilizing clever angles and black and white filters on some pictures, Thrasher’s photos captures the angle and movements of automobiles well.



  1. Jameypricephoto

 Clutched Singapore- Cars of Instagram

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, this young Formula 1 photographer follows the racing circuit around the world. Expect to find shots of race and track cars, the drivers. Jamey immaculately captures the spirit and emotions of the people involved in the races 

  1. Itswhitenoise

Clutched Singapore- Cars of Instagram

Photography of the latest supercars all over the world, shot from the leans of Elizabeth White from ItsWhiteNoise. Expect to see supercars of all brands, designs and colours.



  1. Capturingthemachine

 Clutched SIngapore- Cars of Instagram

Another Instagrammer that shoots exclusively through iPhones, Texas based Kevin McCauley, is a automotive photographer who utilizes clever techniques on vintage cars spotted on his travels.

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Thumbnail image by Kevin McCauley


Written By: Lynnette




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