Emotion in Motion – The Audi Sport Driving Experience 2016

AUDI connected with 1,430 driving enthusiasts at the first-ever AUDI Sport Driving Experience. This programme ran from 13 to 22 May 2016 at the Changi Exhibition Centre. Participants were given a rare chance to feel first-hand the power and control of the AUDI Sport cars. Besides experiencing the capabilities of the R8, S3, RS3, TT, A4, Q3, SQ5, and Q7, the participants tried their hand at defensive, advanced, track and off-road driving through 4 specially-designed exercises. DriveRite Driving Facilitator Darion Lim shares the key driver education and training take-always for the event with CLUTCHED.


Audi R8 Track Experience 

 This exercise allowed participants to explore some fundamental track driving concepts like the racing line, “slow in, fast out” etc. in the brand-new Audi R8 – costing  S$800k! In addition, the exercise also provided participants with a taste of driving in an Autocross event or short and twisty track like the Malacca International Motorsports Circuit (MIMC).


Acceleration & ABS Braking

Participants had the opportunity to experience catapulting the RS3, S3 and TT from 0 to 100 +/- km/h followed by a full-on emergency braking and simultaneous lane change. In addition, the exercise also provided the following valuable insights into emergency braking:

  • The stopping distance required at expressway speeds is still significant despite knowing when and where to perform emergency braking. Regardless of what you drive, keep a safe following distance and never tail gate!
  • The cars remained stable and steerable even under extreme ABS braking conditions. Braking and steering may be combined to avoid an obstacle, if the stopping distance is insufficient.
  • The actual stopping distances varied greatly from driver to driver even when the same car was used. It’s not only about the car – drivers need proper training and practice in collision avoidance techniques too!


Quattro Playground



Participants had fun trying out some elements of off-road driving without having to leave the Tarmac. For example, tackling undulating terrain, climbing/descending hills and traversing an incline. In addition, the exercise also provided participants with a glimpse into the challenges of controlling the throttle and brakes to achieve smooth and safe driving in cross-country situations.



The final exercise gave participants a first-hand experience on what is understeer (or front-wheel skid) and learn how to overcome it. In addition, the exercise also provided a glimpse into the challenges of blending steering and throttle inputs during acute directional changes in a Gymkhana event etc.


Thank you Audi Singapore! 

The AUDI Sport Driving Experience is likely to go down in Singapore’s Grassroots Motorsports history as one of the largest and most exciting events for some time to come. Thank you AUDI Singapore for sharing your passion for Motorsports and your sportiest cars with members of the public and driving enthusiasts in Singapore!


Text & Pics by: Darion Lim (, DriveRite (


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